About us

We are a modern, innovative team, and we seek an ultimate result.  We are proud of our long experience in production of audio-visual advertising. Considering each client’s needs, we provide our services throughout the whole Europe. We offer the best value for money. We help to implement the wildest projects, seek individual or business goals, and fascinate the audience You are interested in. The production and editing of video and musical clips, TV and YouTube advertisements, shooting of events, shooting from the sky, the panoramic video clips of the angle of 360 degrees, production of movies – that are the daily routine and the strength of our team. We perform individual orders. Please fill in the contact form and we will offer the best and the most optimum solution for You.


To initiate and to implement the unique creative solutions. Suggest the innovative ideas. To give audience new experience, and to surpass all their expectations. Constantly develop and improve the quality of multimedia services, and the team’s operating conditions. To ensure the successful development of the company and to encourage the growth of advertising and film.


Strong partnership with ambitious customers. The leadership in film and television industry of Lithuania and foreign countries. Mutual trust between the team and clients. Professional, responsible position and constant development of quality.


Cooperation with those who seek the highest goals. Create, implement, and promote the bravest ideas, and keep the pace with the newest technologies. Look for new forms and measures in order to create an appropriate relation to the audience; furthermore, to bring emotions and long-lasting impression. Produce the advertising and musical video clips for the biggest channels and to broadcast them for the worldwide audience. Constantly improve the quality of services.